Ken Sim's View On Vancouver


Vancouver has breathtaking views that draw visitors from all over the world, but my view on Vancouver is for the people who live here.

My view on Vancouver is clear.

I want all Vancouverites to have the opportunities our city gave my parents and my wife Teena Gupta’s parents when they immigrated here in the 1960s; a safe, clean environment, an attainable home, a job that pays the bills, efficient public transportation, good schools and a chance for children to pursue their dreams.

Vancouver is the most beautiful city in the world, but in my view, I see many people in our city who struggle just to survive. People from all walks of life – who give our city its color and energy – must leave the city they love. More accountability and efficiency at City Hall will change that.

Vancouver is ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world, but often that’s not the reality for people who actually live here. Too many of us are forced out of the homes we have lived in for decades. Better ideas about housing will change that.

Vancouver is the perfect place to start a business, but many of our small businesses, restaurants and local independent stores are shutting down or leaving the city. Too many of our larger corporations are finding it difficult to attract employees. Making City Hall more business-friendly will change that.

Vancouver is one of the friendliest cities in the world, but I see many Vancouverites frustrated by how much time is lost getting to work or school on an overcrowded transportation network. Buses are often full and must pass by people waiting – often in the rain. Cars are often stuck in traffic, raising our collective blood pressure and our carbon emissions. Time and productivity are lost, keeping Vancouverites away from their work, family, friends and leisure activities. Greater resources for transportation will change that.

Vancouver is one of the healthiest cities in the world, but too many people are victims of our city’s opioid crisis. Too many of us are victims of crime and don’t feel safe in our own neighbourhoods. Better teamwork for mental health and addiction issues, crime and policing will change that.

For too long our local government has put an ideological agenda ahead of the needs of Vancouverites. Our affordability crisis happened under their watch.

My view on Vancouver is local: As mayor, I picture vibrant neighbourhoods with a variety of attainable housing, an effective transportation system to break the gridlock and a business climate that works for all businesses and the people who work in them.


Ken Sim